Fuzzy's found the tortoises too!

Textured tortoises, rattle & squeak
You can eat this sweet little tortoise
But not this sweet little crystal tortoise
You could put sweets in this little box!
Richard & Ruth found this on their travels
I like sweets!
I'm a stress turtle, I sing to relieve stress
I probably caused stress being carved
This is a giant tortoise. You can see him in Tring Museum.
Nobody Home
I'd like to be a tortoise
That's grey and brown and black
And have a house all to myself
And wear it on my back.
A house just big enough for me
Where nobody could say:
"Come on, it's time to tidy up,
Now put your things away!"
So when I didn't want to hear,
Or when I'd rather hide
I'd just tuck up my head and legs
And go to sleep inside.
Angela M. Ridsdale
This is a borrowed tortoise from Dawn
I'm called leonardo for some reason
According to a local newspaper toilet brushes are offensive weapons. I'm just a weapon for mass destruction. My name is George Brush.
I look after the other end, toothbrushes!
We all came from Woolworths, there's a plug!