Hitching a ride
Go to work on a tortoise
A very illuminating bunch.......
One from Jackie
One from Betty & Barry
And one from Clare
One from who knows where, in France, bien sur!
Je suis Francaise aussi fabrique d'etain
Je suis Francaise, et multi coloured!
I'm Welsh, made of slate,see my snail mate
I'm from Spain
I'm from St. Albans
Beatrix Potter's Mr. Alderman Ptolemy
Dancing tortoises
Things are looking up!
I guard the garden bench with the snail. I weigh lotz.
I live in the garden too
I'm made of concrete, I only got to the porch!
This odd couple were a wedding present from Janet & Sue...

and this was a present from another...

Richard & Ruth

No they're not on stilts-they're chopsticks!
and I'm the tortoise on top
Richard & Ruth went all the way to Hong Kong for these.