Fuzzy's found the snailz azwell !

This one lives at the end of the bed
Here are a few live specimens from the flower bed

Escargot, not in flower beds.This was a postcard from France,

not a French letter! Thanks William & Odile

Sponge yourself down with this
and puzzle over this one
They're even getting the indoor plants now!
Put me in there!
I live near the bench with my friend the tortoise. Have you found him yet?
Swirly's Poem
Carefully travelling, leaving a trail
I'm not very fast, for I am a snail.
Although I go my own plodding pace
Slow and steady wins the race!
Swirly - a present from Mrs. Mackenzie
Quite an unusual snail, one to wipe your boots on - found by Cheeky Charlie (Firehole)