Chequered tortoise
Las tortugas de Louise y Matthew
Gareth brought me back from Gran Canaria
Twin tortoises
Underneath my shell I hide
I try to keep my head inside
If you'll be my friend today
I'll come out so we can play!
Simply Soft
We're small chocolate treats
I'm a small brooch, they've made me look big
I'm small too, they broke my leg off
they stuck it back
I'm a very interesting tortoise with a ball carved inside my shell. How did that happen?
I came as part of a deal involving a Djembe drum
I sharpen pencils
A birthday present in 2002, I'm made of wood!
We are all Stone Critters - just like the snail
Hey look - a spitting tortoise!
We should be in the pond, we're Turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
I make heavy breathing noises if you come near
I'm from afar - Bangladesh
We've been planted here